A Lasallian Volunteer is someone who is committed to exploring faith, providing service, and living in community in the Lasallian tradition.

Applicants should possess the following qualities:

  • Passion to serve and willingness to learn
  • Concern for social justice and a respect for all persons
  • Desire to live simply in solidarity with those in poverty
  • Interest in living with an organized, faith-based community

Required Qualifications:

  • College degree, or related work experience
  • Ability to make a one year commitment to the program including attending retreats and moving to a new city
  • While Lasallian Volunteers is a Catholic program, applicants of all religious traditions are welcome.

The Lasallian Volunteers do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender identity or expression, age, ability, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  If you have not already submitted your application, please refrain from submitting any eligibility/medical/health/marital status/dependent/faith related information at this stage.  If you have already submitted this information, please note that Lasallian Volunteers do not consider this information in the admissions process.