September 21- October 21

Young Lasallians: International Lasallian Days for Peace

September 30

2017 Lasallian Volunteers FSC Awards, La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

October 2-6

LV Staff Site Visit to Browning, Montana

October 2-5

LV Staff Site Visit to Bronx, New York

October 9-12

LV Staff Site Visit to St. Louis, Missouri

October 16-19

LV Staff Site Visit to Tucson, Arizona

October 16-20

LV Staff Site Visit to Concord and San Francisco, California

October 22-26

LV Staff Site Visit to Memphis, Tennessee

October 24-26

LV Staff Site Visit to Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 2-5

Catholic Volunteer Network National Conference, St. Louis, Missouri

November 12

12th Annual LVs Run, Tucson, Arizona

November 16-18

Huether Lasallian Conference

December 25 – January 1

LV Offices Closed for Christmas and New Years

January 12-15

Midyear Retreat, Brant Lake, New York

February 15

2018-2019 Applications & Requests due

Priority Deadline for LV Applications due

March 15-30

Young Lasallians: Spring Into Action

April 15-21

National Volunteer Week

May 25-28

LV Debriefing Retreat, La Salle Manor, Plano, Illinois