LVs Receive…

Room & Board | Simple Living Stipend | Medical Insurance | Transportation | Advice on Navigating Student Loans

For the 2017-2018 service year,Lasallian Volunteers will offer an educational grant to those who complete a full year of service. Volunteers who complete a year of service successfully will be eligible to apply for and receive an educational grant in the amount of up to $2,000. Learn more here >

Personal Benefits

The Lasallian Volunteers staff accompanies each individual LV during their year or two of service by coordinating a network of support.

Site and Community Visits

During the fall and spring, a staff member will visit each community and ministry to provide pastoral support.

Professional Mentor

Each volunteer is assigned a professional mentor at their service site to guide and support them through their year of service. This mentor is a seasoned professional in the volunteer’s field of work. Mentors meet with volunteers once a month to check in and assist them when needed.

LV Alum Mentor

Each volunteer community is assigned a group of alumni mentors to provide social and emotional support to LVs. This helps build connections between alums and current LVs.

Spiritual Growth

Volunteers live in communities where members are invited to participate in the spiritual dimension of the community through ways that are most comfortable to each member. Outside of scheduled community reflection, members are invited to initiate faith sharing/reflection activities and times that increase one’s opportunity to grow spiritually, both personally and communally.


The LV program has three annual retreats for LVs: Orientation, Midyear, and Debriefing. Each retreat has it own experiences and meets LVs where they are in their journey to support and encourage growth.

LV Scholar

After two years of service as a Lasallian Volunteer, LVs are eligible to apply for one of the available LV Scholar positions. LV Scholar positions are available at five Lasallian Colleges and Universities. LVs must apply to and be accepted into a school and program on their own and then they apply for the LV Scholar position. LV Scholars receive some combination of tuition, room, board, work study/graduate assistant positions. (This combination differs from school to school.) As an LV Scholar, alums spend 10 hours a month focusing on recruitment for the program.


Lasallian Volunteers is a member several national organizations that promote and celebrate service namely Catholic Volunteer Network, Service Nation, and Forum for Theological Exploration.

LVs benefit from membership in these organizations and many opportunities that come from association with peer programs, service coalitions, and other groups in the field of longterm service such as: retreat, conference, and scholarship opportunities.