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Lasallian Volunteers Announces 8th Director


Kathleen Glackin, LV 09-11, will serve as our next director effective July 13, 2015. She has been a member of the LV staff as recruitment coordinator since July 2013.

General Councilor Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC, announced the appointment of Glackin, which came after a two-month search process.

“Kathleen has distinguished herself in the office and in the field with her passion and professionalism,” said Brother Timothy. “I am confident that she will bring fresh energy to the people and program that seeks to change the world one heart at a time. Her ministry of leadership will be surely marked by a love and joy that will touch the hearts of the young people and young adults God has entrusted to all of us.”

Kathleen served as a Lasallian Volunteer from 2009-2011 in Memphis, Tennessee, at De La Salle Elementary at Blessed Sacrament. After completing her two years of service, she continued to volunteer at De La Salle as she took on the role of assistant campus minister for the Diocese of Memphis.

Kathleen during her service at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament.

Kathleen during her service at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament.

“I am excited and humbled to serve as the next director, and to continue to spread the mission of the Lasallian Volunteers,” said Glackin. “My years serving as an LV were the most formative years of my life. To be given the opportunity to give back to the program as recruitment coordinator, and now director, is an honor. I look forward to continuing to use my passion for the program and the Lasallian mission to serve others.”

Glackin, a Philadelphia native, has been involved in service since high school, and she received a dual degree in theology and communications from Loyola University of Chicago.

She takes over leadership of Lasallian Volunteers as it enters its 27th service year with a 10-day orientation program at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, that begins July 21.

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Summer 2015: Jeff Petroski

Service Site: St. Peter’s Boys High School, Staten Island, NY

Jeff Petroski, 13-15, St. Peter's Boys High School, Staten Island, NY

Jeff Petroski, 13-15

College: Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD

What do you do?

I work as a campus minister, teaching assistant, I teach a Latin II class, and I am an assistant coach for our Ice Hockey program.

Why did you choose to become a Lasallian Volunteer?

I chose to become a Lasallian Volunteer because I was looking to do something meaningful after college that would also put me in a good place to discern my vocation. It helped that my sister Clare (04-06) and my cousin Kevin (08-10) both had very good experiences with the program, and it was easy to see how it changed them for the better.

My hopes for my service have been realized. The last two years have allowed me to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. It is easy to see how the three core values of faith, service, and community have changed me for the better. My experience as a volunteer has helped me to grow in my faith and discern the seminary for the Diocese of Arlington.

How has your involvement with the De La Salle Christian Brothers affected you?

eff with Brothers and Priests of St. Peter's

Jeff with Brothers and Priests of St. Peter’s

My involvement with the Brothers has impacted me for the better in a few aspects. Living with Christian Brothers has allowed me to grow in my faith through their commitment to education. Participating in prayer and community life with them provides an insight into the Lasallian charism that cannot be seen without the Brothers.

They have also challenged me to go beyond my own comfort zone. While this is a hallmark of Lasallian Volunteers itself, living with consecrated Brothers has provided a more genuine idea of what it means to dedicate your life and serve others through the example of St. John Baptist de La Salle. While I have not discerned a vocation to the De La Salle Christian Brothers, it has allowed me to see what it is like to dedicate your life to Christ and the Church.

What is the most important “thing” that your students need from you?  

The most important “thing” that my students need from me is for me to be a role model. Anyone can design a prayer service, teach a lesson, or coach a sports team. What has occurred to me over the last year is that it is far more important that I provide an example of what it is to live and act like a Catholic in today’s world. To be a genuine and authentic example of what it means to be a young Catholic man is by far the thing my students need from me the most.

Coaching Hockey

Coaching Hockey

I try to provide this by challenging myself to be better every day with the support of the Brothers and my coworkers. All the little things–especially in how I act and in how I speak is–the students will remember the most. It is not very easy in today’s world to stand up and be Catholic, but I want to show them it is possible and you can be completely joyful while doing it.

Why would you recommend the LV program to a college senior considering volunteering?

I would recommend Lasallian Volunteers to any college senior because there might not be a better time in your life than now to serve others for a year or two. Not only are you helping others, but you often find what truly makes you happy. The LV experience is a journey of helping others and discovering yourself in the process. I would recommend the LV program over other volunteer programs because it is a faith based program with an incredibly strong support structure in place. No matter how your volunteer experience turns out it is a win-win.

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May 2015: Megan McShane

Service Site: De La Salle Middle School at St. Matthews in St. Louis, MO.

Megan (middle) with students

Megan (middle) with students

College: Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

What do you do?

I teach 5th, 6th, and 7th graders in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Religion, and I tutor students in Accelerated Math.

Why did you choose to become a Lasallian Volunteer?

I developed a passion for education during my undergraduate days at Manhattan College and sought to find a program where I could work with students, pushing them to reach their full potential. I specifically wanted to work with inner-city kids, and I wanted to be involved in a faith-based program. Lasallian Volunteers felt like the perfect fit for me. Now that I am finishing my second year of service, I feel like I was always meant to work towards the Lasallian mission. This program has challenged me in ways I never expected; it has pushed me to be my best self, and it has introduced me to some phenomenal kids and educators.

What is the most important “thing,” do you think, that your students/clients/guests need from you? 

Class Trip!

Class Trip!

Although teaching is the main portion of my job, I think the most important “thing” I do is serve as mentor for the students. Working in a middle school, emotions are always very high and the students I work with are still trying to figure themselves out. We have a behavior system in our school called “BIST” where teachers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with children to help them get through some of their emotional hardships. We talk through each problem with our students and discuss what behavioral skills we need to improve on. During these meetings, students are able to open up to the adults in the school and the teachers are able to express themselves to the kids; this helps the educators foster growth-producing relationships with each student. When I’m in the position where I’m talking to students, I feel like I’m able to connect with them on a deeper level and become someone they can trust. From actively engaging in these challenging conversations with students, I have found that more students come to me just to talk, even when I’m not using “BIST.” I feel like I have become a comfort for many students—I don’t always have an answer to their problems/concerns but I’m always there to listen.

Give an example of a time when you knew you were making a difference.

Megan teaching

Megan teaching

Towards the end of the first semester this year, my students were completing a DBQ (Document-Based Question) about Islam. Many students were struggling with this writing assignment; the documents we were analyzing were challenging and the writing style we used was very structured. One student in particular continually put his head down during the class period and refused to write. I began working with him one-on-one more often; we would discuss his paper after school during our Homework Club and I would push him to work his hardest during class. For the last two weeks of the semester, I was pushing him to go further with his writing and his analysis. On the last day of the quarter, he had a formal, organized paper to turn in. He wore a look of accomplishment on his face as he handed in his paper, illustrating his pride in his work. That afternoon, I received an email from his mother thanking me for everything I’ve done for this student, expressing how he feels comfortable around me, and that I truly help him understand, even when things are challenging. The look on this student’s face as he turned in his paper and this wonderful email from his parent completely lifted me up. It’s moments like this where I feel like I am making a difference—making students feel more confident in their work and themselves.

Megan with members of her community.

Megan with members of her community.

Why would you recommend the LV program to a college senior considering volunteering?

I would recommend joining the Lasallian Volunteers because it completely opens up your world, challenges you, and introduces you to incredible people. Before joining the LV program, my world was incredibly small. I had grown up and went to college in the NJ/NY area and most of my friends were in the same boat as me. When I went to my first LV orientation, I was incredibly excited to meet people from all over the country. Within my service experience, I’ve traveled all over the Midwest (even Iowa…who would have thought a Jersey girl would thrive in all those cornfields?) to visit other people in my LV cohort and have developed great relationships with my fellow volunteers. I can honestly say I have met some of my best friends through this program. Additionally, this program takes you out of your comfort zone—I needed to persevere through difficult situations at my service site, and it has helped me grow into the person I always wanted to be. This program has given me the opportunity to take the knowledge I gained in college and put it into practice.

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April 2015: Dan Bowers

Service Site: San Miguel School, Chicago

Dan Bowers

Dan Bowers

University: La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA.

What do you do?

At San Miguel I am an 8th grade Math, Science, and Reading teacher, and I Co-Teach 6th grade Math.  I coach 7th and 8th grade co-ed soccer, 6th grade girls’ basketball, and 7th and 8th grade girls’ softball.

What is the most important “thing,” do you think, that your students need from you? 

The most important thing that I believe my students need from me is my presence and just being there for them.  The students at San Miguel come from a place where they might not always have someone paying attention to what they are doing, or being able to support them fully.

Field Trip to Millennium Park

Field Trip to Millennium Park

As a staff member at San Miguel, the students are my number one priority and I make sure every single day to acknowledge their presence in my class, at lunch, or even on the field.  Whether it is making sure I call on every student during science class, playing dodgeball against my class at recess, or even staying late to attend games for teams I am not coaching, I try my best to make sure my students know that I care about each and every one of them.  I want nothing more at the end of my volunteer year than to see all my students succeed.  The best way to see that success through is by being there to encourage and be present for them the entire journey.

Was there a moment when you felt accepted by your students?

San Miguel does an amazing job at providing students a chance to leave the classroom and go on different trips to grow in community with their teachers and one another.  In October, I along with three other staff members and the 8th grade class went to Camp Gray, a catholic camp for kids, in Wisconsin.  We stayed for three days and two nights and did various group bonding activities.  I was very excited for this trip because I was curious to see the students outside the classroom and eager to bond with them on a different level.

At Camp Gray I felt like I was a different “Mr. Bowers.” I got to be myself and let my

Coach Dan with the San Miguel Soccer Team

Coach Dan with the San Miguel Soccer Team

teacher guard down and really just have fun with my students.  The moment I felt most accepted by them was when it was my turn to climb the rock wall.  I have never ever enjoyed climbing rock walls–they hurt and I usually never make it to the top–but by the encouragement of my students I said I would give it a try.  As I started to climb, I came to the realization that this whole getting to the top of the wall was not going to happen.  After I stopped a few times and slipped a couple of times I was about to quit.  However, the whole class started to cheer for me and encourage me to keep going.  They continued to yell at me from down below and told me, “You didn’t let us quit you better keep going.”  At that moment I realized that they were right.  I realized that they were accepting me as not just their teacher but as someone in their life they need to look up to.  I was not about to just “quit” on them.  So, I climbed to the top of that rock wall, rang the bell, came down and thanked every single student for believing in me because it was their acceptance and their encouragement that made me realize I truly was a part of their San Miguel family.

If you could project ahead a few years and look back to now, how do you think your experiences with those you serve and with the brothers will have changed you?

If I could get in a time machine and move forward a couple years and look back on my time thus far as a Lasallian Volunteer all I would be able to do is thank God for such a unique opportunity.  The opportunity to pause my life where it was and serve a population I would probably not have even come in contact with is tremendous.  Being a Lasallian Volunteer has slowed my life down drastically over the past 7 months and helped me to realize not only who I am now but also whom I want to become moving forward.

Community Costume Party

Community Costume Party

From every Let Us Remember, to every Live Jesus in Our Hearts, serving in a Lasallian school and living in a Lasallian community has helped me to realize my true passion in life.  My passion is being Lasallian.  Although I have always thought this, the year of service has made me more sure than I ever could have been a year ago.  Because I have been a Lasallian Volunteer my life truly has been changed for the better.

What would you say to a friend from home who questioned why you chose to live with the Brothers?

After being taught by the Christian Brothers for 8 years, the best answer I could give to why I would chose to live with the Christian Brothers is, “why not?”  I have always looked at the Christian Brothers as extended family members who just love to joke around and have a good time.  However, for as much fun as they like to have they also have even more wisdom and advice to offer.  Living in community with the brothers this year has given me not only more laughs than I could have ever imagined, but also more advice and wisdom than I would have ever expected in a year of service.

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4th Annual Brother Brian’s Basketball Brackets

Greetings All of the Lasallian Community,brackets

Longer days thanks to moving to Day Light Savings Time, higher normal temperatures, and snow melting all means it is time for March Madness!  Selection Sunday begins the Fourth Annual Brother Brian’s Basketball Bracket (Quadruple B) Tournament!  I along with the Lasallian Volunteers Alumni Association hope you will participate this year and invite a friend to join in on the fun of picks and catching up with members of the Lasallian Community.  Last year John Dellipriscoli, LV 09-11, was our tournament winner.  Congratulations John, but now we will see if you can put a streak together as you join the rest of us as a member of the hopeful pack!

Returning participants from previous years can easily join by clicking the link below and logging in with your credentials.  New participants can join the bracket selection and tracking process by following these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to our group page:
  2. If you have a fantasy account, you will login with your personal name/password.  If you do not have an account, you need to create a free account following the on-screen instructions.
  3. If you participated last year, you will already be a member of our group; if you have not participated, you will have to join our group using the password “BrianHenderson” (no quotation marks and no space between Brian and Henderson).
  4. From there you just have to enter your picks, and they are already available.  You may fill up to three separate brackets.  Listed on the group page are scoring and other rules.

This group is password protected, but anyone that gets the password is welcome to participate.  This is completely FREE, and just for FUN!

When you choose to participate in the bracket challenge, you are choosing to continue to (re)connect with the LV program, and fellow alums around the country.  Whether you pick the teams based on science, colors, mascots, or pure randomness we want you to join in on the fun of friendly online competition and friendship conversation!  May the best (or luckiest) bracketologist win but moreover may we all enjoy the reconnection opportunity!

Feel free to pass this along to friends, family, and others.  You know us Lasallians all good fun folks are welcomed!  Chime in on the message board and social media to cheer for you team, your bracket, as well as the brackets of your friends.  Introduce yourself on the message board and meet some alums that you have never met before.  Maybe you will meet someone that lives very close to you!

This year we would like to hear about people branching out and hosting watch parties with nearby friends.

Best of luck to all with the 2015 BB-Basketball Bracket March Madness,

BBH with Scott Baietti, LV 08-10, as the technological brains behind this!


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