Lasallian Association of College and University Presidents (LACUP) Scholarship


LACUP offers a scholarship at five of the Lasallian Colleges and Universities to former Lasallian Volunteers pursuing graduate study. While agreements differ, each school offers at least on scholarship every other year with some offering a scholarship every year. When awarding the scholarships, preference is given to former volunteers interested in a Masters Degree in Education, Counseling/Psychology or a related Human Services field. However, it has been left up to the discretion of the President of each school to decide whether the scholarship can be used to obtain degrees in other areas.

Scholarship Requirements

  • At least two years of service as a Lasallian Volunteer
  • Demonstrated commitment to the Lasallian Mission
  • Recommendation from your site and community director
  • Be in good standing with the LV program
  • Willing to dedicate 10 hours a month on campus to assist with recruitment and promotion efforts for the LV program

LACUP Scholarships are offered at the following institutions:

Other Graduate School Programs