LV Alumni Association

The Lasallian Volunteers Alumni Association exists to help you remain connected to the program, to your fellow LV alumni, and to the transformative experience you had as a Lasallian Volunteer.  There’s nothing you need to do to join the association–you’re automatically a member because you served as an LV.  We need your energy and participation to flourish!

Ways to stay involved

  • Share the story of your service with others.
  • Keep each Lasallian Volunteer and the ministries they serve in your prayers.
  • New job? New address? Major life event? Great story? We want to hear about it!
    • Email with updates.
  • Stay connected with fellow alumni, current LVs, and the program.
    • Email Maggie at to learn about opportunities in your area or for help coordinating your own.
  • Give back through your gift of time and financial resources
  • Join in recruiting efforts across the country and help invite future Lasallian Volunteers.
    • Email Katie Christensen at to learn more.

Alum Initiatives