Ron with Bro. Nick and Bro. Al

De La Salle Christian Brothers

Also known as The Brothers of the Christian Schools, they are a Roman Catholic congregation of lay religious men. These men vow to dedicate their lives for the education of the poor through a consecrated life of poverty, chastity and obedience. It is the largest such group in the world today. The Brothers approach their educational work as more than a job or a profession; it is the essence of their calling to “touch the hearts” of the young entrusted to their care and to “inspire them with the Christian spirit.” 

Living and Serving Alongside the Brothers

Lasallian Volunteers live in community with Brothers and/or serve in ministry with Brothers. Volunteers benefit from the friendship and mentorship of these men and their years of experience in educational ministry and spiritual practice.

“The De La Salle Christian Brothers hold such a special place in my heart- their presence created the foundation of the Lasallian charism within our community life, demonstrating what it means to support and love each other through struggles in order to grow together into our best selves, in service to those around us.” – Katie Delaney, 12-14

“Living and working with Brothers showed me how important consistency is, I saw that the way the Brothers treated their students and clients was the same way they treated their colleagues and community members, rooted in extreme love for the person and a desire to help us each realize our potential.” – Samantha Almanza, 09-11

“Living with the Brothers for two years gave me a new insight on what it means to live in community with others and how important a community is to the growth of an individual.” – Molly Allen, 13-15

The Lasallian Family

Begun in 1680 by St. John Baptist de La Salle to serve the needs of the children of the poor and marginalized of France, the Brothers grew in numbers and now, aided by thousands of Lasallian partners, carry the vision of their Founder to hundreds of education-related works in over 80 countries throughout the world. This world-wide community of Brothers, numbering about 6600 today, is headquartered in Rome, Italy. The Lasallian Region of North America is “home” to more than 950 Brothers who serve in four Districts.

These Brothers serve in 30 states in the United States, Toronto, Quebec, and in the international Missions of Africa and the University of Bethlehem in the Middle East. They are assisted by more than 5,000 partners in 121 institutions where they work with nearly 80,000 students.