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Lasallian Volunteers Honor Midwest Lasallians with FSC Awards

Award recipients: Brother Bob Walsh, FSC, accepted the award on behalf of Brother Leo Kramper, FSC; Peg Hodapp, and Andrew Blake

The Lasallian Volunteers (LV) honored three supporters from the Midwest District at the ninth annual FSC Awards, which was held June 9 at DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The honorees were chosen for the notable contributions they have made to the program.

The awards are named in the spirit of three Brothers who embodied the LV values of faith, service and community during their lifetimes. This year’s recipients are: Brother Leo Kramper, FSC, the Farrell Community Award; Andrew Blake, LV 03-05, the Bassen Service Award; and Peg Hodapp, the Johnston Faith Award.

The Johnston Faith Award, named in honor of Brother John Johnston, FSC (1933-2007), recognizes a supporter of Lasallian Volunteers through their time, talent or treasure. Hodapp was honored with this award as someone who has been a strong advocate of the LV program in multiple capacities for many years. She has shown her support by encouraging Lasallian Youth students at DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis and throughout the Midwest District to consider the program, encouraging former students who serve as LVs, and supporting LVs under her care as site director. That includes supporting her daughter who served as an LV for two years. Her unwavering support of the program is felt well beyond the walls of DeLaSalle.

“I’m humbled and blessed and so grateful to God for helping me to find my vocation in life. How lucky am I to love what I do every day,” said Hodapp. “Saint John Baptist de La Salle started an amazing movement over 300 years ago, and I can’t imagine a life outside this family. The Lasallian Volunteers have been invaluable to our community at DeLaSalle, and I will continue to encourage young women and men to consider that calling for themselves.”

The Farrell Community Award, named in honor of Brother Michael Farrell, FSC (1940-2009), recognizes supporters who have lived in community with Lasallian Volunteers. Brother Leo was honored with this award to celebrate the strong and heartfelt support he has had on LVs he has lived with in the Casa Benedicta community for the past nine years in Racine, Wisconsin. Brother Leo has enjoyed sharing his life with the LVs and supporting them in their struggles and victories. He has been a consistently positive presence in each of the past nine years. He has been a steady and life-giving support in the spiritual, social and ministerial aspects of community life. Brother Leo was unable to attend the ceremony, so Brother Bob Walsh, FSC, community director for Casa Benedicta, accepted the award on his behalf.

The Bassen Service Award, named in honor of Brother Christopher Bassen, FSC (1942-2006), recognizes LV alumni who have continued a life of service. Blake received this award to highlight his vocation to educate the young, especially the poor, in the spirit of De La Salle. As the longtime director of Campus Ministry, and now also a dean of students at Totino-Grace High School in Fridley, Minnesota, “Mr. Blake” has impacted countless students through his witness to service, his commitment to Christian education, and his joyful presence that communicates the Gospel.

“Living as a part of this greater Lasallian charism and community has blessed me with the opportunity to see the Gospel message come alive each and every day,” said Blake. “That blessing has been imperfect and includes moments of feeling joy, suffering, waiting, hope and love. All of it has helped me stretch my own heart so that I might better feel God’s presence and strive to be a reflection of God’s presence for others. Receiving the Brother Bassen Service Award is a reminder that the feeling I experience most often is gratitude. Gratitude for my mentors, for my colleagues, for my students, for my years as an LV, for my life as a Lasallian, and for my Lasallian partner in all of this – my wife.”

Recipients are selected on a rotating basis between the Districts in the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN). The 2019 recipients will be selected from the District of San Francisco New Orleans.

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Rachel Waletzko: What’s In a Goodbye

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s not knowing where to start

An attempt to find the right way

To express a grateful heart

As I dread counting down the days

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s the opposite of a “badbye”

And thank the Lord it’s so

For it signifies a time well-spent

An opportunity taken to grow

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s adiós to true barbecue

The land of Elvis and Soul

Adieu to midnight trains and planes

And Riverwalk at sunset strolls

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s taking a reflective, zoomed-out look

At encounters of candid diversity

Yes, Memphis, but De La Salle, too

A beautiful hub of humanity

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s instilling inside a dynamic mission

Faith, service, and community

“Forever Lasallian,” Brother Charles would say

Education that brings further unity

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s cherishing sown relationships

The Brothers, community, and friends

Mentors, colleagues, and students, too

Assuredly saying, “I will see you again.”

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s praising God for the gift of life

And for our human emotions, too

For I’d rather feel than not at all

Tears, signs of life, so true

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s never being able to find the words

For a time cherished beyond measure

To say to those who’ve touched you so

Undoubtedly a Heavenly treasure

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s the hope within the next chapter

The excitement of starting anew

But an intense game of trusting the Lord

With an unforeseen future, seemingly askew

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s journeying where we each are called

No matter what the cost

Saying “yes” as our own Mother did

The Voice of Peace, saying, “You’re not lost.”


Rachel Waletzko is a second year LV serving at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament in Memphis, TN and is a 2016 graduate of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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Brother Lawrence Goyette to Step Down from LV Staff

Brother Lawrence Goyette, FSC, will step down from his role on the LV staff as animator effective June 30, 2018. Brother Lawrence joined the LV staff part time in August 2016. During his tenure on staff, he assisted with site visits, provided faith formation for the volunteers, and assisted with addressing community life. Brother Lawrence will remain involved with the LV staff, assisting with special projects.

“He will be greatly missed by the LV staff and volunteers,” said LV director Kathleen Swain. “Having Brother Lawrence on staff invited us to think critically about community life and how it enhances the experience for volunteers and Brothers. Brother Lawrence utilized his lived experience of living with LVs to impact decisions the program made when thinking about the relationships volunteers and Brothers form, how communities grow, and ways LVs can grow in their faith. Knowing that Brother Lawrence desires to stay involved with the LV program makes saying goodbye to him in his official role less sad.”

Thank you, Brother Lawrence, for your time and energy and for sharing your talents with the LV program!

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