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FSC Awards 2012


Thursday, June 28 | 6pm
Saint Mary’s College of California, Dryden Hall
Casual Dinner and Awards

The Lasallian Volunteers F.S.C. Awards
are a small way to show appreciation to individuals whose involvement in our mission makes our service possible. The recipients are honored in the spirit of three Christian Brothers who embodied the Lasallian Volunteers values of Faith, Service and Community during their lifetime. The awards will be presented annually at orientation and will be rotated between the Districts of the Christian Brothers to celebrate our national reach.

This year, the FSC Awards are making their way to California! The ceremony will be held in conjunction with Buttimer at Saint Mary’s College of California.

Join the award winners, LV staff and alumni, Buttimer participants and others as we come together to celebrate Faith, Service and Community.

 If you would like to attend, please RSVP



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Gabe’s Struggle (National Volunteer Week 2012)

Gabe is a student that comes from a two parent household. He’s an only child and he loves math. From this information alone, one could assume things are looking pretty good for Gabe.

Delve a little deeper and realize Gabe struggles with his self-esteem, finds it difficult to verbalize his feelings, has tendencies of self-depreciation, faces anxiety in loud or chaotic environments, and has a shyness that is enhanced when others look at him. Gabe struggles with behavioral and social issues. His parents struggle as well: Gabe’s dad hasn’t been able to come to terms with Gabe’s challenges, and believes Gabe just needs to grow up and act right. His mom recognizes Gabe’s challenges and wants his son to succeed, but she doesn’t possess the resources to support him.

This week Gabe arrived in his classroom and had a great morning. He was in a phenomenal space…until he had a difficult interaction with a fellow classmate, which led him to fall apart for two hours. He became hung up on the interaction and his anger got the best of him. Distraught, upset and unable to bounce back, Gabe was facing suspension from this little incident. He is a student in a classroom where the teacher works to help him feel safe, teach him coping mechanisms and celebrate his successes when he’s having a good day. He’s a student at a school that invites parents to engage their students alongside administration and teachers.

Rather than getting suspended, Gabe was given some space for quiet. He was invited into conversation with his mom and his teacher Ms. Logan (a Lasallian Volunteer) in which they discussed what happened, offered reassurance that he was wanted at the school, that they believe he can succeed, and that giving up when things get tough is not an option.

Gabe returned to his class while mom did some work in the school’s main office. Gabe felt more secure knowing she was nearby. Ms. Logan and Gabe re-joined class, and during the math lesson, she volleyed to his strengths in place values, encouraging him, building his esteem by bringing his intelligence to light and putting it on display.

Gabe’s support network went the extra mile. They’ve shown he can be successful and loved despite his behavior problems. When he trusts them, they can help him navigate his anger, gather tools and resources to succeed, and he can have the confidence to step back into the classroom and strive to be his best self the next day.

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Jane’s New Energy (National Volunteer Week 2012)

Jane is one of the many examples of elderly individuals combating health issues with the fear of losing her independence at a senior care home in the Bronx.

She has overcome amazing obstacles throughout her life and her story provides the evidence of her perseverance. In her native country of Haiti, she found herself trapped in an abusive relationship due to her husband’s violent alcoholism. Fearing for the life of her children and her own, she fled the country with her kids despite the threat of being disowned by her family. She arrived in New York City and was able to provide a better life for her sons, who have now graduated from college and have families of their own thanks to Jane’s efforts.

Jane, a woman that has used her independence to create her own success and pave the ways for her sons, now faces a seemingly insurmountable road block. The impact and side effects of conflicting medications have bound her to a wheelchair contributing to feelings of loneliness. This loneliness has led to Jane feeling like she’s fading away into the background of daily life.

Thanks to the encouragement of a Lasallian Volunteer, Jane’s outlook on life has changed. After being encouraged to share her story and get involved with other residents at the senior home, Jane has realized her own potential to impact the world and people around her. By going the extra mile for Jane, this LV reminded her of the meaningful miles she can travel on her life journey.

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Cyndie Gaining Recognition (National Volunteer Week 2012)

Michelle is impressed by the way that Cyndie has taken initiative, and incorporated so much of her creativity into organizing the school prom. Even more than that she can see that Cyndie cares about the integrity of the students. For example, Cyndie didn’t want the prom king and queen to turn into a popularity contest, so she based the ballot off of characteristics and personality traits of someone who would represent the school well. There were questions like, “Who is really caring and kind?”

The prom court grew quickly, considering the fact that students from all over the school had character.  Michelle said, “I think Cyndie makes people want to be involved because she really cares about the students, and you can see that in the way she interacts with people.”

What is one way that you can go the extra mile like Cyndie does? Instead of doing things the way they always have been done, is there a way that you can take the time to be thoughtful about the tasks that you have to do? Is there a way that you can highlight people who might not always get recognition?

Michelle Chan — an LV serving in campus ministry at De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon — easily identified a student going the extra mile. Lasallian Volunteers inspire the students that they work with, and a lot of times the students inspire the LVs.

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Danny Navigating (National Volunteer Week 2012)

On a cool October day, a group of boys and their teachers from La Salle School set out for a monthly camping trip. For 13 year-old Danny, it would be another exciting journey but with the added bonus of going caving, something he had done before and felt confident to do again.

Entering the first large area of the cave was simple, but making his way into a smaller crawl space proved to be a surprising challenge.

As the space became tighter and more difficult to navigate, a part of Danny panicked and he froze in place–ridden with anxiety. Without hesitation, he cried out to his teacher, “Mr. Gomez, I’m afraid!” Mr. Gomez replied, “It’s ok, you got this” as he quickly soothed Danny’s nerves.

By affirming Danny’s progress and reminding him that he’ll be alright, Mr. Gomez coached Danny through a couple of feet through the crawlspace. After a few minutes, Danny was calm again and was able to make his way out of the crawlspace confidently.

For La Salle School and Danny, going the extra mile means taking each step in an ongoing process of learning what it means to be a man. In Danny’s case, going the extra mile did not involve athletic ability, pride, or toughness. Going the extra mile was acknowledging his fear, revealing he cannot succeed alone, and entrusting his doubt to the support around him.

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