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Job Posting – Event Coordinator for Christian Brothers Conference

Job Overview: The Event Coordinator has primary responsibility for general administrative support to the Christian Brothers Conference Event Team. The Event Coordinator is a full-time position and is a member of a four member team which includes the Executive Director, Programs Director, and the Event Planner.

Christian Brothers Conference (CBC) is the office for the USA-Toronto Region (USAT) of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The Conference provides programming and support for Lasallian educators through the Region’s four Districts and their 100 ministries. It is rooted in the vision and innovations of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the Institute and the patron saint of teachers. 

General Responsibilities (include, but are not limited to):

  • Organize and prepare materials for events (meetings, conferences, programs ranging in attendance from 15-300), ensuring all materials are properly compiled and delivered to all parties as appropriate
  • Work with Event Team and Communications Department to coordinate published materials
  • Support events related  to planning committees and task groups
  • Coordinate travel and accommodations as necessary
  • Database entries, compile and process expense reports and coordinate supplies
  • Assist with correspondence and event files, faxing and scanning
  • Assist with soliciting underwriters, sponsors, advertisers and exhibitors
  • Create and maintain department contact lists for venues, restaurants, speakers’ bureaus, etc.
  • Maintain event management calendar
  • Assist Event Planner in printing name badges, processing invoice requisitions, following up on payment post-event, etc.
  • Answer and return phone calls
  • Minimal travel nationally for events
  • Work as part of the overall team to support the work of the Christian Brothers Conference


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 2-5 years of relevant non-profit event planning experience
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of the event planning team
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Excellent computer skills, including but not limited to, Microsoft Office, databases and internet
  • Commitment to the mission of Catholic Education
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment

Location of Office: The Christian Brothers Conference, located in Washington, DC

Start Date: March 1, 2012

Benefits: Full health benefits, Employee Pension Plan, 403B Employee Match, Professional Development

Salary: Competitive

Application Deadline: February 10, 2012 or until position is filled.

Applicant should submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to:

Dr. Margaret McCarty
Christian Brothers Conference
3025 Fourth Street NE, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20017

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Midyear Retreat 2012

Chay at Midyear

Reflection courtesy of Chay Tanchanco 

From the writings of St. John Baptist de la Salle: “To touch the hearts of your students is the greatest miracle you can perform.”

This miracle of being a Lasallian Volunteer became unquestionably clear as we gathered together for our Midyear retreat. After 5 months of service work that took each of us out of our comfort zones, we finally had the chance to express and unravel our experiences.

We began our retreat at Point O’ Pines around the beautiful, newly frozen Brant Lake, and took time unpacking our suitcases as well as the lives we have led over the past few months. It took little time getting reacquainted with the supportive nets that are our fellow volunteers and LV staff.

LVs attentive to the retreat process.

The retreat centered around sessions inspired by key quotes from St. John Baptist de la Salle. LV alumna and her husband, Melissa and Peter Altman led many large and small group discussions, opening up the space to share our experiences and to understand the struggles of others while celebrating our triumphs. It became clear that each of us had truly been “chosen to do God’s work”–and through acknowledging the difficulties of touching the hearts of our students or clients we also realized that “it’s not supposed to be easy.” We had the amazing opportunity to talk about our sites and our communities, focusing on how we “inspire and lead others by encouraging them”.

Some of us braved the cold and the ice for the chance to walk over the frozen lake, and found we were inspired anew. I found myself more deeply motivated than I had been in a long time, simply because of the encouragement that exists through naming and sharing experiences with others in service clear across the country.

LVs at evening prayer.

A true mark of a Lasallian Volunteer is shown through the ability for each individual to contribute to and to grow within the community where he or she lives. There were two specific occasions in which this really stood out to me. The first came as we gathered for mass at a small local church, St. Isaac Jogues in Chestertown, NY. We filled nearly half of the church and naturally we were quite a presence! Most of the mass-goers silently marveled at the increased size of their ordinary Saturday evening service, and the cantor decided to jump on the opportunity to invite us to come up and sing with her. There could be no doubt that, in a church of volunteers, we as LVs answered the call to serve at mass with a wholehearted and spirited, “Yes!”

LVs Megan Conolly and Kristen Brenner excited about Midyear!

The second moment happened within the intimacy of our own community–all of us gathered around and watched the shiny new LVs Ride documentary. As I watched the bike riders discuss their arduous trip, I was struck by the generosity of others in opening up their homes and their lives to this group of people. And our experiences of community as LVs are not unlike theirs. Not only did we get to look back on the journey that the riders took across the country to raise awareness for our program and service, we were also reminded of the long journey each of us had just taken from our Orientation in the July heat of Chicago to the cold of a January winter in Upstate NY.

Current LVs Amy Lamparelli, Jamie Chis, Andrew Napier, Megan Weiss, and Krysia Kustra enjoying each others company.

Midyear has given us each so much; the strength to carry on for the next few months or even years, the chance to rekindle the friendships we began in July, the courage to continue to grow in the spirit of love and compassion for service, and the space to breathe and enjoy what we have accomplished thus far. We have committed ourselves once more to faith, service and community, and of course reaching a deeper understanding of ourselves. In this renewed understanding, we continue to learn how to perform God’s most pressing miracle–the ability to touch hearts, no matter where we are.

Jesus live in our hearts…FOREVER!

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LVs unveil Alumni Association Strategic Plan, Reach $25,000 Alumni Matching Grant

LVs unveil Alumni Association Strategic Plan, Reach $25,000 Alumni Matching Grant

LV Alumni AssociationLasallian Volunteers is pleased to announce a three-year Strategic Plan for the development of the LVAA (Lasallian Volunteers Alumni Association) and alumni engagement, which comes as a direct result of a comprehensive survey of LV alumni during 2011.

For full details, we welcome you to review the full version of the LVAA Strategic Plan itself.

The strategic plan was based heavily on the input derived from 84 responses to an online survey issued to LV alumni spanning twenty-two years of the program’s history.  The LV Staff has also made available the Results of the Alumni Survey here.

LV alumni contributed, by way of the survey, a number of wonderful suggestions, thoughts, and experiences — so much so that the LV Staff has articulated responses to many of the suggestions and questions that arose.  Those are also available for the alumni and friends of the LVs to review on our FAQ & Responses page.

The publication of these next steps come on the heels of a significant achievement at the end of the 2011 when LV alumni reached the Alumni Legacy Challenge $25,000 Matching Grant.  The Matching Grant, which began in December 2010, matched dollar for dollar all donations by LV alumni.  With a record-breaking amount of financial contributions in 2011 LVs alumni were able to earn the full benefit of the $25,000 match for the program.  Congratulations!

Questions, comments, and ideas about the Alumni Association can be directed to Peter Tooher, Program Coordinator of Lasallian Volunteers, at

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Will you be an LV Service Site/Community in 2012?

You can now request an LV for the 2012-2013 Service Year to serve at your service site and be a member of your community! Please note: completed requests/applications are due February 15, 2012. Incomplete requests will not be considered as placement options.

Below you can access the informational letter regarding requesting LVs and the actual application. Please contact for access to the other resources listed in the informational letter.

A Way to Change the World Informational Letter

Application for LVs 2012-2013 Actual Application

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Brother Michael Collins, FSC 1938-2012

With sad hearts the Lasallian Volunteers’ shares news of the passing of Brother Michael Collins, FSC.  We extend our sympathy to DeLaSalle Minneapolis community and alumni.

Learn more at Star Tribune Minneapolis

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